Germ Illustration

Organize Your Child Care Centre for Infection Control

  • Have separate classrooms or play areas for each group of children.
  • Try to keep younger children, especially those in diapers, separate from older children.
  • Ensure that staff members in charge of diapered children do not prepare food and do not serve food to children outside their group.
  • Have a separate place to care for children who are ill until they are taken home.
  • Ensure that your centre has adequate space and good ventilation to minimize the spread of airborne germs.
  • Keep an empty basin for storing heavily soiled toys. Ensure that it is out of the children’s reach. Wash and sanitize the toys.
  • See the Child Care Environmental Disinfection Schedule for more information.
  • See the Child Care Environmental Disinfection Table for recommended disinfectants.

Last modified: February 19, 2020