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Diaper Changing

Diapering Area

  • Establish a change area that is physically separated from the children’s activity area and the food preparation service area.
  • Establish diaper stations beside a hand sink supplied with soap in a dispenser and disposable towels.
  • Provide a changing surface that is approximately 1 metre high and covered with a smooth, moisture resistant, easy to clean material. A safety ledge at least 6 – 7.5 cm high is required.
  • It is important to regularly inspect surfaces for rips, tears and holes, as germs can live on surfaces.
  • Wash and sanitize the diapering table after each use.
  • Provide a foot-operated plastic container with a tight fitting lid and lined with a plastic disposable bag for diaper collection. Be sure the container is not accessible to children, empty it frequently and clean and sanitize it at least weekly.

Diaper Changing Procedure

Never leave a child unattended on the change table.

  • Wash hands with soap and water before each change.
  • Use gloves.
  • Assemble supplies within easy reach.
  • Do not share skin care products that cannot be dispensed in a sanitary manner.
  • Hold child away from your clothes as you place him/her on the clean change pad. Remove diaper. If safety pins are used, close each pin immediately and place out of child’s reach.
  • Clean child’s skin with a moist disposable cloth, wiping from front to back. Remove all soil; don’t miss the skin creases.
  • Wipe hands on a clean disposable cloth and place it in waste container.
  • Diaper and dress the child.
  • Wash the child’s hands and return him/her to play or sleep area.
  • Dump soil from diaper in toilet. Avoid splashing. Place diaper, change pad (if disposable), and wash cloth in waste container lined with a plastic bag.
  • Soiled clothing or cloth diapers should not be washed at your centre. Empty the solid material into the toilet and then place soiled items into a plastic bag to be sent home with the parents.
  • Clean the change surface with soap and warm water. Rinse and wipe dry. Apply an approved sanitizer such as chlorine solution (200 ppm) and allow to air dry for one minute. See the Child Care Environmental Disinfection Table for more information.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Note: Use skin care products only if requested by a parent and only for the designated child. Be sure skin care products are labelled with the child’s name.

Last modified: February 19, 2020