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Animal Bites and Scratches

  • All biting or scratching incidents must be reported to the Huron County Health Unit so that the risk of rabies infection can be assessed.
  • Any bite or wound on a child or adult from a bat, dog, cat, fox, raccoon, skunk, or any other mammal, requires immediate medical attention.
  • Wash the wound immediately with soap and warm water, then rinse with clean water, and apply an antiseptic.
  • Record event and advise parent or guardian to seek medical attention for their child. Inform parent/guardian that you will be reporting the incident to Huron Perth Public Health (1.888.221.2133) as it is legally required to report any animal incident to public health.
  • Collect the following information to give to the health unit:
    • Pet owner’s name, home and work address, and phone number(s) (if known).
    • Description of animal (breed, colour and markings, size, pet name).
    • Description of events prior to biting incident (e.g. pet disturbed, held too tightly or wild animal came up and bit child).
    • Victim’s name, address and the parent or guardian’s phone number.

Last modified: February 19, 2020