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Cleaning schedule

The following table provides you with cleaning and disinfecting schedule for different areas and items in your child care centre.

Child Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedule

Infant/Toddler Rooms

ItemAfter Each UseDaily/NecessaryWeeklyMonthlyOther
Infant toys – clean and disinfect    


Infant vinyl mats – clean and disinfect 


Diaper changing mat – disinfect


Diaper changing table – clean and disinfect 


Diaper pails – clean and disinfect 


Mouthed toys – clean and disinfect


Bibs – clean and disinfect


High chair table tops – clean and disinfect


Plush toys (shared) – launder


Plush toys (individual) – launder  


Cribs/cots – clean and disinfect  


Soothers/pacifiers – clean and disinfect


Carpets – vacuum 


Carpets – steam clean (infant room)   



Play/Sleep Area

ItemAfter Each UseDaily/NecessaryWeeklyMonthlyOther
Toys – clean  


Shelving – clean  


Linen/bedding – launder  


Cots – clean  


Carpets – vacuum 


Carpets – steam clean    


Floors beneath rugs  


Floors – dry sweep and wet mop 


Vinyl mats – clean  


Garbage containers – empty 


Garbage containers – clean  


Dress-up clothes – launder  


Water play table – clean and disinfect


Water play toys – clean and disinfect


Dry sensory food materials – discard  


Dry sand table contents – discard   


Dry play tables – clean and disinfect  




ItemAfter Each UseDaily/NecessaryWeeklyMonthlyOther
Toilets – clean and disinfect 


Handwashing sinks – clean and disinfect 


Floors – clean and disinfect 


Potty chairs – clean and disinfect


Reusable towels – launder


Shared combs/brushes – clean and disinfect



Last modified: February 19, 2020