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Immunization Recommendations of the Medical Officer of Health

Immunizations for child care providers follow the Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule for Ontario and are  recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health.

As a condition of employment, all prospective staff should complete a Pre-employment Health Assessment Form (PDF) and submit acceptable proof of immunizations. Acceptable proof would be:

  • a photocopy of their immunization card or
  • a note dated and signed from a physician or nurse practitioner identifying the dates of immunization which were given.

Volunteers and students should have the recommended immunizations as well.


Staff may request an exemption from vaccinations for religious, conscientious or medical reasons.

Conscientious or Religious affidavits

  1. The employee will need to complete a Statement of Conscientious or Religious Belief, Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA) affidavit and have it signed by a Commissioner of Oaths (e.g. lawyer, municipal clerk).
  2. There may be a fee to notarize these forms. The forms are available at the health unit.
  3. These documents are to be kept in the employee’s personnel file and, if required, forwarded to the health unit.

Medical Exemptions

If an employee cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, then the employee must have a Statement of Medical Exemption, (CCEYA) completed by their health care provider. These forms are to be kept in the employee’s personnel file and, if required, forwarded to the health unit.

Staff, volunteers and students must be informed of an exposure to a vaccine preventable illness in the child care centre. They will be considered an infection risk (both to themselves and to children) if they are not immunized and will be excluded from work until the risk has passed.

Keep all required health information on file. It is necessary to update these records as necessary. The health unit will request this information if there is a vaccine preventable illness in the centre.

Infections and illnesses spread very quickly in child care centres so it is important to encourage staff, volunteers and students who are ill to stay at home. Centres should have written policies which specify exclusion periods.

Staff should be excluded from work when they:

  • cannot fulfill the responsibility because illness compromises the care of the children;
  • are sick with a respiratory infection;
  • have gastrointestinal illness including vomiting and/or diarrhea; or
  • have a confirmed communicable disease.

Although excluding staff can be a human resource challenge, it will prevent the spread of illnesses and/or infections in your child care centre.

Last modified: February 19, 2020