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Rodent and Insect Control

Proper food storage practices and garbage handling will help to prevent rodent and insect infestations.

How to Prevent Pests

  • Screen all doors and windows and maintain in good repair.
  • Fill holes with steel wool or caulking especially around pipes and drains.
  • Rotate food stocks regularly to prevent insect infestations.
  • Inspect all foods when they are delivered to your centre. Do not accept any products if you see insects.
  • Clean all food spills immediately.
  • Store food products in insect and rodent-proof containers.
  • Store garbage away from the building in bins that are not accessible.
  • Use poisons or traps as little as possible and with care to prevent injury.

Watch for Signs of Pest Problem

  • Watch for empty egg cases, dead cockroaches, droppings, and musty odour.
  • Chewing marks on cupboards or baseboards in areas where you store food.
  • Chewing marks on food packaging.
  • Feces (droppings) in cupboards, drawers or other areas of the centre.

If an infestation occurs, hire a licensed pest control operator to eliminate the problem. Arrange for service at a time when children are not present.

If Poisonous Bait is Needed

  • It must only be used and handled by a licensed pest control company.
  • It must only be used outside of the food premise.
  • It must be placed in secure covered bait traps.

Last modified: February 19, 2020