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Huron Perth Public Health is one of 35 health units in Ontario. We serve a population of approximately 103,000 in an area of 5,600 square kilometres. This includes fifteen municipalities.

Huron Perth Public Health offers programs that:

  • promote healthy infant and child development, positive mental, reproductive, sexual and dental health
  • prevent cancer, heart disease, substance abuse, tobacco use and injuries
  • protect our communities from communicable and infectious disease, and environmental hazards such as contaminated food and water.

We are governed by the Board of Health. The health unit is funded by municipal and provincial tax dollars. We are mandated by the Health Protection and Promotion Act and have over 150 dedicated staff. Public health nurses, public health inspectors, public health promoters, dietitians, epidemiologists and other professionals promote and protect the health of our community.

We have two main office locations in the region – one located in Stratford and one located outside of Clinton. We also have a number of satellite offices throughout the two counties.

Huron Perth Public Health | Stratford site
653 West Gore Street
Stratford, ON N5A 1L4
Toll free 1.888.221.2133
Confidential fax 1.844.935.1327

Huron Perth Public Health | Clinton site
77722B London Road, RR 5
Clinton, ON N0M 1L0
Toll free 1.888.221.2133
Confidential fax 1.844.935.1327


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Last modified: February 19, 2020